Branding + Visual Identity Design

Brand is the story.
Design is the storytelling.

Logo Design

We devise and design modern, memorable,  practical and appropriate logos with care, attention and commitment. As brand designers we understand the importance and the power of a well-crafted logo, as it lays the foundation for the overall identity; embodying the efforts and ethos of the business it represents. All Magnetic’s logo designs are professionally delivered in all print and web formats with brand guidelines and documentation

Business Brand Identity

Business brand identities are key to visually establishing your business as a whole. Important work. To achieve a consistent and professional look across print and web platforms, we design clearly defined brand identities that include the logo, typography, colors, visuals and messaging. Once all of these are clearly and professionally defined, brand consistency is easily achieved across all visual mediums, which begins to form the basis for your visual personality.

How can we help?

T: +353 (0) 86 088 1282

What we do

Brand Design

Your logo and brand identity is key to visually establishing your business as a whole. We take this work very seriously, combining the creative with the commercial to give our clients a distinct, professional image to help establish and grow their brand.

Web Design

Every business’s online requirements are unique, which we carefully consider when devising the best way to communicate core messages with the most appropriate functionality.

Print Design

Different to virtual media, a printed item allows the customer to interact with the design in a tangible way – to hold and feel the paper, turn pages – creating a connection that can be very powerful and meaningful.

Our work in this area now relies on designing well-considered, engaging and seamless consumer experiences in the physical space, while working cohesively with the online shopping capability, giving the consumer maximum choice in an ever-changing world.